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Up and Running: Never mind that it took two weeks too long to get us here, but the shutdown is over, D.C. is open, and federal workers are getting back pay. +7

Vomit InducingJack Evans’ campaign manager revealed his campaign strategy at his boss’ 60th birthday last night: “I want this city to look like it barfed up Jack Evans.” Everyone, get used to seeing Jack Evans signs all over town.  -3

Au Bon StopD.C. is getting its 21st Au Bon Pain, because 20 is just not enough. -4

Fancy Fingers: A Georgetown waiter was sentenced today to 38 months in prison for felony fraud. He stole customers’ credit cards to purchase classy items like etchings by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and contemporary artist Damien Hirst. Justice. +1

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 43 Today’s score: +1Still in a Shutdown Penalty: 0!!! Needle rating: 44