Hipster Nation: The Express apparently has a better sense of humor than its parent paper, the Washington Post, as it rips on the paper’s everlasting millennial series by photoshopping a picture of President Barack Obama dressed as a hipster, er, millennial. +5

Fact Check: Republican House member and Georgia Senate candidate Paul Broun complained that the World War II Memorial was not shuttered during the ’95 and ’96 shutdowns. Which is true, but only because the memorial was built in 2004. -2

Homecoming Horrors: The homecoming concert at Howard University was way over capacity today, leading to seven people getting sent to the hospital after they were apparently trampled. -7

Twerk It Out: Some Maryland schools are banning twerking from their dances. But what fun is a school dance without some good old-fashioned Miley Cyrus? -1

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