Brooklyn Flea Philly closed this weekend due to a lack of interest, but according to the marketing manager at District Flea, there’s no sign of that happening here.

“Philly Flea started off really strong, and then it just never really felt like it took off—-it really is just the logistics of Philly,” says Hugh McIntosh, marketing manager at District Flea. “We’ve been very happy [in D.C.] so far and our plans are to come back in the Spring 2014 even stronger.”

Brooklyn Flea Philly and District Flea are both spin-offs of Brooklyn Flea—-the successful, high-end flea market that showcases local work in Brooklyn.

District Flea, which is open on Saturdays at 9th Street and Florida Avenue NW, debuted in September and was slated to run through Oct. 19. But because of its success, the market will remain open six extra weeks until Nov. 30.

There are currently around 70 to 75 vendors at the flea market each week, McIntosh says, adding that we can expect to see more Philly vendors selling at District Flea in the coming weeks. Some of them have already been making the trek to D.C., where sales are better, and a few more contacted McIntosh this week looking for a new home.

“It’s unfortunate for the Philly market, but it’s good for us because we will have more vendors,” he says. “The Philly vendors say their sales are a lot better here.”

District Flea photo by aawiseman via a Creative Commons license.