Got an SLR? A Polaroid? An iPhone, at least? Then you’ve already satisfied the first requirement to enter Washington City Paper’s upcoming photography contest. We’re looking for photographs about or of D.C.—-photos that tell a compelling story, reveal a hidden corner of the city, or simply tell us something new about life in the District. Shots of cherry tree blossoms, in other words, will have to clear a very high bar.

Cool? There’s more: The winning photographs will be published in our Jan. 3 Fiction Issue—-submit to that, too!—-and if we pick yours, you’ll earn a small cash prize.

Rules, you ask? Yep, there are rules. Please submit up to three photos; if you send us more than three, we won’t look at any of them. Images should be high-quality RGB JPEG files at the camera’s native resolution. We also aren’t interested in anything that smells of excessive post-production. And because someone’s going to ask: We will not accept animated GIFs.

Send your photo, along with some contact info, to The deadline is Dec. 10. Update! We’ve extended the deadline to Dec. 16.