Betsy Rothstein
Betsy Rothstein Credit: Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Wendy Gordon, the D.C. publicist who was the target of FishbowlDC’s nasty “Wendy Wednesday ” series,  has finally spoken out following her defamation lawsuit against the gossip blog, its parent company, its former editor Betsy Rothstein, and contributor Peter Ogburn. In an interview with the Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple, Gordon calls FishbowlDC’s work—-which portrayed her as a sex-crazed drunk—-a “sophomoric form of cyberbullying masquerading as journalism.”

While Gordon doesn’t discuss the lawsuit, which ended recently with a settlement, she memorably states for the record that she is “not a lush, I don’t have sexually transmitted diseases, I’m not a cougar.”

“I didn’t kick a puppy, I didn’t spill red wine on a white dress—I didn’t do anything. I live my life,” Gordon says.

Rothstein is no longer editor of FishbowlDC, and now writes The Mirror blog for the Daily Caller. She offered this description of “Wendy Wednesday” to Wemple: “Goofing off.”

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery.