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Judging by the tweets, the District’s seizure of James “Tru” Redding‘s Stadium strip club is the biggest government shutdown since, well, the government shutdown, I guess.

When news broke yesterday that D.C. had taken over the club to collect on $100,000 in unpaid taxes from Redding’s shuttered TruOrleans restaurant, reactions on the social media service fell into several camps:

  • Denial

  • Sage wisdom

  • Sympathy for now-unemployed strippers

  • Jokes at expense of strippers

  • Journo jokes

  • Shock, dismay that a place with so much rainmaking can’t pay its debts

  • Classy ladies disappointed by loss of classy entertainment option

  • Young women disappointed by loss of employment option

  • Confusion between D.C. government and federal government

  • Things That Would Be Nice

  • “Stadiums”

  • People who did not get the memo

Photo by Darrow Montgomery