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Even if your trash cans and recycling bins are in good condition, you’ll still receive new ones as part of D.C.’s $11 million initiative to deliver new bins to all city residents by the end of July.

The new trash receptacles are the same size as the current ones, but the new recycling bins are bigger—-an effort to accommodate increased recycling as well as encourage the practice.

At least one D.C. blogger has questioned whether the District’s sustainability push is actually environmentally friendly if everyone—regardless of whether they need is—-is getting new big, plastic trash and recycling bins. (The bins are made out of 40 percent recycled plastic.)

“It’s a huge waste to replace the trash cans like for like when upwards of 95% of the current cans might be old but they are fully serviceable,” wrote Richard Layman on the blog Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space. “I don’t understand why the city doesn’t replace the broken cans and keep the ones that are serviceable.”

Nancee Lyons, a public affairs specialist for the Department of Public Works, says everyone will receive the new cans, but residents can opt to keep their old cans for additional space.

“The whole point is to give people more space, because a lot of people have been requesting that,” Lyons says.

In January, households that only have once-a-week trash pick-up will be the first to get their new bins. A few weeks later, their old bins should be picked up. Lyons says residents will receive stickers to place on their old cans to indicate if they want to keep them.

So happy holidays, Washingtonians: You’re getting new trash cans.