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A Mother Jonesexclusive today revealed that Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the man who founded the Unification Church and the Washington Times, had a secret love child and arranged for the founding president and editor of the conservative publication, Bo Hi Pak, to raise him.

The Unification Church ostensibly started as a sex cult in South Korea and eventually became a church in which adherents remained celibate until Moon married them off in a mass wedding and started families of their own.

Moon, who died in 2012, was known to be a philanderer, and when he had fathered this child, Sam Park, now 47, he had to keep it secret from his followers. So according to Mother Jones, he had Pak’s family raise him. He even went as far as having the boy’s biological mother, Annie Choi, hide the pregnancy—Pak’s wife faked a pregnancy by planting cloth diapers in her belly.

Park found out about his real parents when he was 13 but is just now speaking out about it. He currently lives with his mother, Choi, in Arizona, and, unsurprisingly, neither of them are still followers of the Unification Church.

Park and Choi are, however, trying to get $20 million they say Moon owes them. They haven’t been successful in court so far, and Pak testified that while he wasn’t the father of Sam Park, he didn’t know who was.

With all that said, anyone interested in working at the Washington Times,which may or may not currently have openings?

Photo by the Universal Peace Foundation used under a Creative Commons license.