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Pleasantville: At her new Daily Caller home, Betsy Rothstein gives a labored account of a long virtual feud between two D.C. journos, Eli Lake and Mike Elk. The highlights come when Lake says the whole town is laughing at Elk, to which Elk replies: “yeah but with the exception of Mt. Pleasant, I have always laughed at this whole town.” Elk lauds Mt. Pleasant again in the feud, when he tells Rothstein that Lake didn’t respond to his request to grab a beer at Haydee’s. “These folks don’t even have respect for Haydees  – that place has more soul than any place in DC,” Elk writes.  “These are just Dupont Circle kind of people if you know what I mean? You get what I am saying Besty [sic].” Mt. Pleasant love at its finest. +3

Snowcation?: The National Weather Service predicts between 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow. Will this result in a Snow Day? TBD…+/- 0

Shawesome: The ribbons will be cut on five new restaurants and bars in the Shaw neighborhood tomorrow. +5

Bitecoin: A D.C. food truck will start accepting Bitcoins, and as one tweeter points out, “It took cabs in #DC years to accept credit cards but food trucks are already accepting Bitcoin:” +1

Friday’s Needle rating: 63 Today’s score: +9 Needle rating: 72