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A police affidavit filed to request an arrest warrant reveals more information about today’s arrest of officer Linwood Barnhill, Jr, who was charged with two counts of pandering a minor. The first charge states he attempted to compel a 16-year-old into prostitution, while the second one states he procured a 15-year-old into prostitution.

Much of the information surrounding the first charge was previously described in an application for a warrant to search the cop’s entire Southeast apartment: A 16-year-old teen, who investigators found in Barnhill’s apartment after she had been reported missing, said Barnhill had taken nude photos of her on his cell phone and told her he had arranged a “date” for her to engage in sexual activities with an older man for $80. Barnhill was supposed to collect $20 of that, according to the new affidavit.

According to the affidavit, the 16-year old said that Barnhill first approached her at a shopping mall and asked if she wanted to model for him. Over the course of two weeks beginning in November, she visited Barnhill’s apartment a number of times and said she met six other women who Barnhill was prostituting. In the affidavit, the teen says she knows the defendant as “Malik.”

Police found the 16-year-old in Barnhill’s apartment on Dec. 3. Six days later, police interviewed the 15-year-old female. The teen said she met Barnhill at a bus stop in September and he approached her, asking if she wanted to model for him. She agreed, and on the way back to his apartment they stopped at D.C. Superior Court so she could “take care of a matter involving her probation of possession of marijuana juvenile adjudication,” according to the affidavit.

Barnhill asked her if she would “escort” for him, according to the document, at which point she informed him she was only 15 years old. According to the affidavit, Barnhill said her “young age was not a problem because he had other minors who worked for him.”

When she went to his apartment at a later date to take the modeling photos, an adult relative accompanied her, she told police. She said the relative stayed in the living room while Barnhill took naked photos of the teen in his bedroom. A few days after the photography session, she met up with a middle-aged man in Barnhill’s apartment and was told to have oral and vaginal sex with him, charging $80 dollars for vaginal sex and either $50 or $60 for oral sex, she said. She was told not to kiss the man and instructed to ensure a condom was used, which Barnhill provided, according to the document.

She later told Barnhill she was not interested in escorting in the future, according to the affidavit.

Upon Barnhill’s arrest, Police Chief Cathy Lanier released this statement: “As disheartening as it is to have members of this department involved in this type of conduct, I take solace in knowing that it was members of this department who worked tirelessly to ensure that they were brought to justice.”

Barnhill has been on the police force since 1989 and has been placed on administrative leave. He has not been on full duty since Sept. 2012, according to an MPD press release.

Read the document below:

[documentcloud url=”https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/894579-linwood-barnhill-jr.html”]