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Hoping for a more civil mayoral primary than the last one? Tough luck, if the comments on last week’s Loose Lips column are any indication. Wherever you belong in D.C.’s social strata, you almost certainly came off sounding horrible. “As long as 50 percent of the city believes in stuff like The Plan, or generally has a soft spot for criminals and those persecuted by The Man, guys like Gray and Barry will have a seat at the table,” wrote Asuka.

“Excuse you! I am supporting Vince Gray and don’t believe in The Man,” wrote Brahmin. “Should I wait when the feds have to lecture us on why that is not legal? You don’t feel the gravitas of the other people running. Unless someone with superior credential jumps in…I think Gray has my vote.”

Commenters weren’t nearly done with Asuka’s charged rhetoric. “Asuka—it’s racist and condescending attitudes like yours that will insure a win by Gray,” wrote reader Corky. “You presume that people who don’t support your candidate must be stupid, irrational, or delusional. People vote for their own self-interests. Maybe if you lived where they lived, you would understand why they refuse to support candidates who think dog parks and bike lanes are more important than quality schools and new retail opportunities. I can see completely why people who have kids and live in areas with crap schools would think that you are stupid or delusional to vote for more dog parks.”

Reader Retiredcop70 argued, kind of, that the various mayoral candidates aren’t doing enough for lower-income residents. “I can’t see any of these people being elected mayor—Evans, Wells, Bowser, Orange, or Gray. I agree with Corky, dog parks, community parks, retail stores, and condos, and I must add to shut the black people up let’s throw them a Wal-Mart that’ll make them happy. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers most of you will never be able to afford to live in one of those condos or townhouses that are in the $400-$1,000,000 dollar range. Thank your so-called city leaders for that. Don’t be fooled by the wage proposal of $11.50 for by 2016 it will be equal to the $8.75 that it is now. These people know that voters are fools and they can sell them anything. Many people say city services are good but for whom. Well I don’t see any of these clowns worth voting for, my vote is NONE OF THE ABOVE.”

But reader SpeakUp pointed out some nuance missing from Retiredcop70’s reading. “You seriously need to stay in the loop on the process instead of being judgemental on the result. There were CMs that proposed that the initial minimum wage increase be $12.50 RIGHT NOW. Some CMs let Wal-Mart punk them out of approving the wage increase by threatening to stop construction on the Wal-Marts east of the river. Instead of you claiming that none of the candidates are good enough for the vote, try doing some research first and then crossing off those who opposed the $12.50 increase off your list first.”

Department of Corrections

Last week’s holiday gift guide contained two reporting errors. It listed an incorrect price for the luna beads sold at Lotus Blooms. They are $62. The price of a portable liquor satchel at The Hour was also incorrect. It is $195. Also, the online version of last week’s Loose Lips column contained two reporting errors. It misstated the role Chuck Thies had on A. Scott Bolden’s 2006 Council campaign. He was a consultant, not the campaign manager. And the post said Thies worked for a challenger to Jim Graham; in fact, Graham was not yet an incumbent when Thies worked for a rival campaign.