CityCenter Rumors: It looks like an Apple store may not be coming to CityCenterDC after all, which means everyone will still need to haul over to the Georgetown store and wait in the never-ending lines to get their Apple gear fixed. -2

Oh Marion:During a council hearing to vote on the city’s parking meter contract, Councilmember Marion Barry, who recently got in trouble for accepting cash gifts from city contractors, said he “resented” the fact that a councilmember suggested the D.C. Council’s vote is for sale. “You think that Marion Barry is going to sell his soul for a meager contracting contribution?” he said. “Hell no.” -3

Not Another Panda Video: The National Aquarium released a video today of its new baby slog, Scout+1

Die-Hard Fan: A woman was hit in the head with a puck at this weekend’s Caps-Flyers game and stayed with her bloodied head  (which ultimately needed stitches) to watch the Caps win. +5

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