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Last winter, you wanted to know why Metro sometimes smells like rotten fish. We found out. You asked where to find South Carolina-style barbecue in the District. No problem. And you wondered what the deal is with a silly reggae song about Adams Morgan. We figured it out. (And we couldn’t get the song out of our heads for weeks. Jerks.)

Once again, we’ve reached the end of a calendar year, and you’re probably scrutinizing our last 12 months of coverage, angrily scribbling down the topics we missed. Now’s your chance to tell us what to write: In January, we’re bringing back the Answers Issue. But first, we need your questions—-anything is fair game, as long as it relates to life in or around the District. Got a question about politics? Animals? Development? Food? That weird thing on your block? Use our prompt, and just ask.