The end of the year is a time for reflection. Which is made a lot easier by all the ranking lists published on the Internet every week. The lists run the gamut—the horniest cities, the smartest cities, the best cities. And if the rankings are any indication, D.C. in 2013 was filled with a bunch of ugly, drunk millennials who cheated on their spouses and spent most of the year stressed out and stuck in traffic.

Most Adulterous
Says Who? Ashley Madison, a dating site targeting people already in relationships.
Why? The title is based on membership data culled from the site.

Best City for Millennials
Says Who? WPLG-TV, the ABC affiliate in Miami.
Why? Between 2010 and 2012, D.C. experienced an annual net gain of 12,583 people between the ages of 25 and 34, the most of any city.

Least Attractive City
Says Who? Travel and Leisure
Why? This ugly distinction was based on a survey asking readers to rank major cities in a number of different categories.

Drunkest City
Says Who? The Daily Beast
Why? D.C. ranked highest when taking into account the average number of drinks consumed by adults each month, the percentage of the population classified as binge drinkers, and the percentage of the population classified as heavy drinkers.

Second-Most Fit City
Says Who? American College of Sports Medicine Fitness Index
Why? The rankings considered personal health habits, community resources, and access to health care.

Fourth-Most Stressful City
Says Who? Forbes
Why? A formula involving unemployment rates, high costs of living, traffic congestion, and poor air quality

Worst Traffic
Says Who? Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Why? The average commuter in the D.C. area spent about 70 hours in traffic a year, more than commuters in any other city.

Second-Richest City
Says Who? 24/7 Wall Street
Why? The average median annual household income in the metropolitan statistical area encompassing D.C., Arlington, and Alexandria is $88,233.

Smartest City
Says who? Fast Company
Why? The list looks at what places are doing the most to become sustainable, connected, innovative cities of the future.