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In the District, 2013 was marked by a remarkably large number of people watching the Panda Cam, big-spending millennials (but can we please drop this term now?), higher than usual homicide rates, and very few people legally using marijuana. What will 2014 bring? We’re hoping for more pot and less murder.

Economic activity lost to the federal government shutdown: $44 million each week
Tax revenue lost: $6 million each week
Theoretically, the government shouldn’t shut down again in 2014. But theoretically, it shouldn’t have shut down in 2013, either.(Source: Office of the Mayor)

D.C. population, July 2013 estimate: 646,449
D.C. population, July 2012 estimate: 632,323
For the third consecutive year, the District grew by about 2 percent. The population in the U.S. overall increased by only .7 percent. D.C. now has about 60,000 more residents than Wyoming and 20,000 more than Vermont, both of which have two senators and a voting House member.
(Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

Homicides as of Dec. 30: 103
Homicides in 2012: 86
The murder rate went up for the first time since 2008, even accounting for the Metropolitan Police Department’s note on its crime stats page that this year’s total includes the victims of the Navy Yard shooting.
(Source: MPD)

Visits to the National Zoo’s Panda Cam site between Aug. 23, the day cub Bao Bao was born, and Sept. 16: 1.2 million
The camera shut down when the feds did, but the pandas still got plenty of attention before and after.
(Source: National Zoo)

D.C. government employees: 32,000
Collective visits to Facebook from D.C. government computers on Sept. 13: 515,333
Facebook clicks per employee: 16
No word yet on whether you visited Facebook from your non-government computer more often than the average District worker did, but we’re waiting for the National Security Agency to tell us.
(Source: WJLA)

Households headed by millennials within three-mile radius of Wisconsin and M streets NW: 54,000
Average income for those households: $68,000
That group of people in their mid-20s to mid-30s have a collective $3.6 billion in household income. Which may explain the $22 Manhattan one Georgetown bar started serving.
(Source: Georgetown Business Improvement District)

Marijuana dispensaries operating in D.C.: 3
Patients served: 111
Strict regulations and slow-to-adapt doctors have thus far kept medical marijuana from being widely used.
(Source: Los Angeles Times)

Photo by Darrow Montgomery