What you said about what we said last week

For D.C.’s dining scene, 2013 was an unusually dynamic year—which meant Young & Hungry columnist Jessica Sidman had plenty of foibles to highlight and accolades to award in her roundup of the year in local food. Readers, start your nitpicking!

Commenter ron525i wanted a bloodier pick for the year’s worst dish. The guacamole at Diego, he wrote, “may have been the worst, but citing Diego pre-makeover seems a bit of a cop out.” Reader Mike, meanwhile, had his own award to hand out: “Most Overhyped Restaurant: Toki Underground. Broth is nasty, noodle dry. They make you wait two hours and force you to visit the pub downstairs.” Ditto tntdc: “Worst new trend: the $15 hamburger. It’s everywhere. And last year we thought the specialty burger shops at $8 were high.”

Sidman singled out the racy bathroom art at 14th Street cocktail den 2Birds1Stone—the apex of a trend with which one reader declared she is done. “Can we please stop the risque bathrooms?” wrote Jane. “It’s more creepy than sexy, and who even thinks sexy thoughts while they’re on the toilet?”

But the most controversial Hungry award? The one we gave ourselves. Reader Kevin, unfortunately, is not feeling the U Street Taco. “Sorry, it’s not a thing. And it’s not gonna be.”

Park Attack

In his annual prizes for the year in real estate, Housing Complex columnist Aaron Wiener handed the statue for “most misleading slogan” to “Save McMillan Park,” a phrase repeatedly adopted by some Stronghold and Bloomingdale residents opposed to a proposed mixed-use development atop the McMillan Sand Filtration Site. Stronghold_Res weighed in: “Formal park, perhaps not, but from getting to know my older Stronghold neighbors, it definitely was a place that people used to relax and play at before (and many times after) it was fenced off. To wit, there are some great, old photographs of a baseball field at the site and of groups using it for community picnics.” The commenter continued: The developer of the site is “adding a fancy-schmancy refurbished park to the space, but at the same time destroying the rest of the site (including the underground) by dropping down a development worthy of Rockville or a New Jersey suburb. That’s where the rally cry of ‘Save McMillan Park’ from the neighbors comes from—it’s to save this space (including the underground) from a car-centric and (sadly) mediocre development.”

NE John tsk-tsked. “I’ve been here 57 years, and on Michigan Avenue most of that time; I’m an engineer; love DC; and I don’t see any reason in hell for saving the underground sand filtration areas. Are you guys crazy?!?”

Hang the DJ

In her introduction to our review of the year in local music, Ally Schweitzer charted the ways in which local sounds have deviated from D.C.’s two signature subgenres: hardcore and go-go. To Twitter user Daryl Sng, that argument made a sin of omission. “I like @wcp’s roundup of best D.C. music of 2013, but I don’t get the idea that dance music isn’t associated with D.C.,” he wrote, adding, “I mean, long before I moved to D.C., I knew that Deep Dish/Yoshitoshi Recordings and @ThieveryCorpDC were from D.C. and those were big names.”

Dept. of Corrections

Due to a missing word, last week’s Housing Complex column incorrectly stated the amount of the District’s new affordable-housing expenditures. It’s a $187 million program, not $187.