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If you want to know what Washingtonians think about the polar vortex, Tim Krepp is apparently your guy. By around 1:30 p.m. today, the D.C. tour guide had already been approached by the Washington Post and NBC4 (and if you include this item, then City Desk as well) for his reaction to today’s frigid temps.

So why is Krepp the media’s face of the cold? Well, he’s not sure.

“Depsite the media frenzy around me, I don’t know that I have many deep thoughts [on the weather],” Krepp says.

This morning he tweeted his kudos to D.C. Public Schools for remaining open today. That’s when the Post‘s D.C. school reporter Emma Brown asked him to speak with her for a parent’s reaction to the decision.

Krepp’s insight that made it into the story:

“We are desperate to get these kids out of this house!” said Capitol Hill father Tim Krepp, only half-joking. The Krepps normally walk or bike with their two kids to Brent Elementary, 18 blocks away. But Tuesday they broke with routine and drove.

Later in the day, Krepp was walking near the Portrait Gallery when he ran into NBC 4’s Pat Collins looking for people, all of whom were presumably cold, to talk about being cold.

“I was just in my world walking down the street, and there was Pat Collins,” Krepp says. “They filmed me, and they asked me for my cold face, and I was not ready for that question, and I stammered something like, ‘This is my normal face, this is what I got, and I don’t really think of myself of having my cold face.'”

If any other media outlet is looking to hear what the people have to say about today’s weather, Krepp should have his talking points down by now.

Photo by María Helena Carey