Déjà Vu: Get ready for another polar vortex. Forecasters are predicting a snowstorm, with 4 to 7 inches of snow hitting D.C. The heart of the storm is expected around the afternoon and early evening tomorrow. -4

King’s Legacy: Most people were off from work today (not City Paper!), and it seems many District resident volunteered in the community, including President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden+3

Darwin Award? This seems like a pretty stupid crime, but then again, the suspect still hasn’t been caught: A man apparently crashed his car into the front door of a CVS and then proceeded to steal the ATM machine from inside the store. -2

Snooze Fest: The baby panda slept through most of her big debut this weekend, but still fulfilled her role of raking in lots of cash for the zoo. +/- 0

Friday’s Needle rating: 62 Today’s score: -3 Today’s Needle rating: 59