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There had been no immediate plans to revive former City Desk reporter Will Sommer‘s ongoing feature “Is This Ridiculous?,” but when a new ritzy Logan Circle condo touts that it’s incorporating feng shui principles into its design, it raises the question: Is this ridiculous?

The Logan Circle neighborhood is already overflowing with pricey apartment buildings; in order to stand out from all the other pricey apartments, a yet-to-be-built four-unit building at 1435 11th St. NW will adhere to all sorts of rules one doesn’t usually associate with building construction, according to the Washington Post.

Some basic feng shui principles that the units could follow: The home must not be irregularly shaped and the toilet must not be seen when opening the bathroom door in order to avoid one’s luck from being flushed away.

Wayne Carroll, the president and chief executive of the company developing the project, Jason Corporation, told the Post that he consults a feng shui master from, naturally, Bethesda before he purchases any property. This particular property is exceptionally Zen because, according to the Bethesda consultant, “there is nothing nearby that is causing any negative energy.” (Feng shui properties should not be located at a T-junction.)

On one hand, positive energy has got to be better than negative energy. But on the other, these sure-to-be-Pinterest-approved units will probably cost a little more than the typical Logan Circle address due to their Zen credentials. So, I leave it you: Is this ridiculous?

Photo by jeremyclarke via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0