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Hundreds of people left their homes last night to participate in a massive snowball fight in Dupont Circle, but a fun time wasn’t had by everyone: Amid the wintry hostilities, one man lost his wedding ring.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous in order to not “advertise my idiocy to my workplace,” says he purposely purchased his $700 ring a size too big because he thought a snug one would feel claustrophobic. “The shrinkage of my finger in the cold weather sealed the deal,” he writes to City Desk.

D.C.’s saddest snowballer says he was wearing gloves and did not actually lose his ring during the fight, but rather when he was trying to document the action. “The ring was not lost in the melee,” he writes.  “The ring was lost due to my need to document the melee on social media.”

He posted about the missing ring on Reddit yesterday, and while he hasn’t found it yet, people have offered to lend him their metal detectors. In the meantime, he writes, his wife already used Amazon to purchase three new rings for $30.

If you happen to find the ring, you can contact the ringless man via his Reddit account, Dctogreenbelt.

Photo courtesy of Eli Sable