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Here’s a test to see if you’re a truepanda fan: Would you pay nearly $900,000 for a designer watch that features a studded panda and 18 carats of “red gold and white gold?”

The Billionaire Shop (yep, it’s a thing) is selling the Richard Mille Tourbillion Panda 26-01 watch for 645,000 Euros—-or about $881,000.

Embodying innocence and friendship, the giant panda is a charming creature cherished around the world as a symbol of peace. As an emblem for the Chinese nation, it is considered a “national treasure,” the description of the watch reads. It is also the global ambassador for endangered species.

The new RM26-01 tourbillon caliber is equipped with a baseplate machined from black Onyx, a variety of chalcedony composed of silicon dioxide from the cryptocrystalline quartz group. Onyx varieties featuring rectilinear black and white parallel stripes are part of the agate family, whereas entirely black stones are commonly known as black Onyx. This gem is said to absorb negative energy and bring great emotional stability to the wearer.

The RM 26-01 tourbillon is a limited edition of 30 timepieces in 18K red gold and white gold.

Venture capitalist Tom Perkins wore a Richard Mille watch during a controversial interview with Bloomberg Monday, which Business Insider wrote about. During the interview, Perkins commented on his pricier-than-a-Rolex watch:

The New York Times got into a discussion of Rolex watches, and why does any man need a Rolex watch, and it’s a symbol of terrible values, etc., etc. Well, I think that’s a little silly. This isn’t a Rolex; I could buy a six-pack of Rolexes for this. But so what?

If you’re still unsure if Bao Bao is cute enough to warrant such a purchase, you can go see the panda cub for free at the National Zoo.