Blaze Up (Inside): The D.C. Council gave preliminary approval to legislation that would decriminalize weed if you’re smoking on private property, which means that most people will continue smoking in the privacy of their own homes. +2

Ridin’ Dirty: The man who was spotted masturbating on the Metro Monday may actually be a serial public transit masturbater: Someone else spotted a man matching his description doing the same lewd act. -3

Fox Snooze:Dangerous time to be a wild animal in D.C. First the snowy owl was hit by a bus, and now the Capitol Hill fox is dead. -3

Old Spice Man: The Nats’ Adam LaRoche details how he hunted a mountain lion with a bow and arrow 10,000 feet above sea level. Not the best day for the lion, but LaRoche got a good photo out of it. +1

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