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When Ezra Klein left the Washington Post to start a new venture at Vox Media, it seems he brought enough former Wonkbloggers with him to keep most of his prolific policy blogging crew intact.

Sarah Kliff, “a must-read on all matters related to health care and the Affordable Care Act,” and Brad Plumer, an environmental and energy reporter, are both headed to Vox, the Post announced in a memo to the newsroom today. Plumer and Kliff were two of Wonkblog’s original hires.

Max Fisher, who runs the paper’s WorldViews blog, will also be decamping for Klein’s new venture.

Dylan Matthews, another Wonkblogger, announced when Klein did that he would be leaving the paper for Vox. (As did the Post’s Director of Platforms Melissa Bell and Slate’s Matt Yglesias, who hadn’t been a Post Company employee since the paper was sold last year.)

The last remaining one of Klein’s Wonkbloggers, former Washington City Paper staffer Lydia DePillis, will be staying at the Post, the Huffington Post reported. Jim Tankersley, the Post’s economic correspondent, will be heading up a new in-house project focusing on explaining the impacts of public policy that DePillis will work on.

Neil Irwin, Wonkblog’s former economics editor, already announced in December that he’d be leaving for the New York Times.

Editors say they will being looking for replacements for Plumer and Kliff “very soon.” Adam Taylor, who the Post hired last week from Business Insider, will be taking over for Fisher.

Top editor Marty Baron said last week that the paper would be hiring as it increases its blogging and expands its magazine.

Below is the full memo that Post editors sent to the newsroom today announcing the departures:

We regret to announce that Brad Plumer, Sarah Kliff and Max Fisher are leaving the Post to join Vox.

Brad and Sarah were the original hires to Wonkblog, and they quickly became stars in their own right. Brad, who had been an associate editor at The New Republic, has been a significant voice in coverage of issues related to energy and the environment. His easy writing style and versatility made him a utility player who could anchor any issue and make it look deceptively easy.

Sarah, who came to us from Politico, became a must-read on all matters related to health care and the Affordable Care Act. She set new standards through her ability to file multiple times for the Web and still write A1 stories and Sunday Business covers — not to mention a weekly online column.

We will be filling Brad and Sarah’s positions on Wonkblog very soon. Their last day will be Feb. 14.

Max, who came to us from the Atlantic, has had an enormously successful run in anchoring our WorldViews blog, which debuted in October 2012. His rare gift for explaining complicated subjects by combining sophistication and accessibility have won us a large and growing audience to posts like “40 maps that explain the world” and “Nine questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask.”

Max will be succeeded at the helm of WorldViews by Adam Taylor, who as a senior editor at Business Insider has demonstrated his skill at helping readers make sense of the news from around the world. Max’s last day will be Feb. 21.

Greg David  Doug Karin

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.