It’s not enough that Whole Foods is attempting to make itself the cornerstone of all the District’s gentrifying neighborhoods—now the upscale grocery store is sticking its fair-trade items into our love lives.

Whole Foods personnel are handing out 500 bouquets of roses today—-a week before Valentine’s Day—-to unsuspecting people throughout the District. They’ve already hit up Friendship Heights, downtown, and Georgetown.

“Hopefully, it’ll brighten some people’s day,” says Katie Malloy, a spokeswoman for Whole Foods.

The roses are part of Whole Foods’ eco and globally conscious Whole Trade program and come with a little extra piece of the grocer’s personalized flair: an advertisement to buy two bouquet of roses for about $25 in their stores next week, when it’s actually that special holiday.

If you get one of these bouquets and opt to re-gift it, make sure to swap the labels, because nothing says romance like a sale at a your neighborhood organic grocer.

Photo courtesy of Whole Foods