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In the realm of neighborhood email-list gripes, few ills rank higher than abandoned dog poop. But in a recent missive to the Adams Morgan list, resident Jon August says something even worse is plaguing his neighborhood: horse poop.

In his message last week, August wrote that he’s seen horse poop all over the place and called for the U.S. Park Police to pick up after its horses. “It’s bad enough we have lazy neighbors who don’t pick up after their dogs – we should have Police officers leaving buckets of poop on the sidewalks?” August wrote. “At least the lazy neighbors guide their dogs into the flower beds…”

The crap problem is particularly bad, according to August, on the Duke Ellington Bridge and on the east side of 19th Street NW across from Oyster-Adams Bilingual School. Park Police spokeswoman Sergeant Lelani Woods could not confirm or deny whether the excrement in question came from a Park Police horse, but said the department does have horse-mounted units deployed nearby at Rock Creek Park as well as in other locations. In all, Park Police have around a dozen officers on horses throughout D.C. (The Metropolitan Police Department also has horse-mounted officers, with a stable in Fort Dupont Park.)

According to Woods, police officers are supposed to clean up after their horses. But just because the horse poops doesn’t mean it immediately gets picked up. Police officers typically keep the equipment to clean up after the horse in a nearby stable or trailer and often retrieve the necessary pooper scooper utensil later on as they continue making their rounds, Woods says.

August’s posting on the Adams Morgan list comes days after Prince of Petworth’s Dan Silverman declared a piece on someone complaining about a newly remodeled Logan Circle apartment building that had dog poop strewn all over its AstroTurf yard his “most controversial” post in his seven-and-half years.

Luckily, the sheer size of horse poop has prevented August or anyone he knows from stepping in it.

“It would be hard not to see it way before you stepped in it,” he tells City Desk in an email.

Photo by markyweiss via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0