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Update, 11:45. Daily Caller freelancer Mark Judge says he posted the ad, but accidentally wrote that the advertised CPAC video was for Daily Caller. The ad was actually intended to be for Liberty Island, a new publication for the “rising right-of-center counterculture.” “[Daily Caller] was just on my brain,” Judge, who wrote a piece for the Daily Caller this week, tells City Desk. “I took it down and I apologized.”

Judge says he doesn’t think he has received any responses to the ad yet, and at this point, is unsure if he will still even shoot the video for Liberty Island. “A lot of people think it’s a funny idea, but it’s tainted a little bit by my boneheaded mistake.”

Update, 10:35 a.m. The Daily Caller has nothing to do with the Craigslist ad, the Caller’s director of communications, Clark Hennessy, says. ” If you ever do see us partying with bikini models, you can be damn sure we aren’t paying them,” he writes. The ad, meanwhile, was briefly updated as a call for models from another website, Liberty Island, and was then deleted. We’ve reached out to the ad’s poster, and will update if we hear back. Here’s the original post:

The Daily Caller has gone post-feminist.  The conservative website posted a Craigslist ad last night seeking a female bikini model to appear in its 2014 CPAC “Right-Wing Think Tank” video.

“The concept: shots of the participants and speakers (Sarah Palin, Donald Trump) intercut with a bikini model reading conservative pamphlets in a hotel room,” the ad says.

If you’re thinking that this seems to gratuitously play into stereotypes of right-leaning FOX News hosts, you’d be correct! But don’t worry: The Daily Caller isn’t sexist; they’re just ribbing those oh-so-serious feminists. It’s all in a good fun!

We’re poking a little fun at Fox News babes and also at the feminist discomfort with a woman with God-given sex appeal and curves (nature is not politically correct).

Any takers? The gig pays 100 bucks. It’s unclear whether you’ll qualify for the Caller’s recently revealed performance pay, though.

Photo by Crysco Photography via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0