The argument for D.C. statehood gained a colorful anecdote yesterday when the Washington Post reported that a TSA agent in Phoenix questioned the legitimacy of a woman’s D.C. driver’s license because it was not “state-issued,” as is required by law.

The story made waves in the D.C. pro-statehood sphere and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (who, ahem, doesn’t have a vote in Congress) announced today that she wrote a letter to TSA Administrator John Pistole requesting he train his employees to know that D.C.-issued IDs should be treated as state-issued IDs.

Norton then reminded Pistole that, despite not having voting representation in Congress, D.C. residents are actually U.S. citizens.

“While D.C. residents are undemocratically denied voting representation in the House and Senate and full control over their local laws and budget, our residents are American citizens who have all the other rights of citizens, including using D.C.-issued identification to travel by airplane,” she wrote.

The congresswoman also released a statement yesterday saying, “the daily disrespect of requiring D.C. residents to pay up on April 15 without a vote in the House or the Senate has now been dramatically personified in the insult to one of our own.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.