New Beginnings: Spring must almost be here! Garden District (formerly known as Standard) is opening back up Saturday. +3

Not So Fast: Our beer gardens may be reopening, but it’s still going to be a wintry mess in the D.C. area. Those outdoor heat lamps may not be enough.-3

K Street Shuffle: A Redditor describes a specific walk he sees only in D.C.—-in which people, typically women in their 20s, walk with their heads down “about twice as fast as normal even though there’s no rush” and “pound their heel into the sidewalk with a distinctive CLOMP.” -2

District Equality: Mayor Vince Gray announced today that the District recognizes gender dysphoria as a medical condition, and D.C. health insurance providers must cover the necessary medical treatment for patients with the condition. +5

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 31 Today’s score: +3 Today’s Needle rating: 34