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And now the moment when the entire D.C. area—-everyone, all at once, that includes you—-clenches its ass. Get that milk and T.P. Move your car out of that emergency route. Get your presnow anxiety on, however you like to do it. The latest prediction for tomorrow’s snowfall is five to nine inches.

For the umpteenth time today, check the OPM status: It just went red. (Enjoy the snow day, feds!) The D.C. government, too, will be shut down, while Metro has already suspended Metrobus and MetroAccess service tomorrow and is tweeting out expected Metrorail delays that you probably don’t need to be warned about. (Enjoy the snow day, just about everyone else!) Don’t be a jerk: Shovel your walkway promptly. Make hot chocolate and spike it.

If you see someone shivering, call the hypothermia hotline.

And if conditions permit it tomorrow and you own some skis, good God, do this.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery