@&!#@(%*%: NPR’s ombudsman wrote that the organization should “begin to purposefully disassociate itself from using the [Pigskins] or the Washington [Pigskins] on air and online.” His point might have been stronger had he not used the team name, which is by definition a racial slur, throughout his piece. But hey, it’s a start! +4

The Metro Sabbath:There will be no Metro track work for the next month because of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. That means no single-tracking or closed stations! +3

Flower Power: Today’s the first official day of spring and Spring Flowers! Spring Flowers! Spring Flowers! Spring Flowers! Spring Flowers! Just don’t look at the 10-day forecast; snow showers are expected on Tuesday. +1

Mom of the Year: A sloth bear at the National Zoo ate two of her cubs, forcing keepers at the zoo to take away her third cub. -2

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 52 Today’s score: +6 Today’s Needle rating: 58