Wind Tunnel Vision: It’s been a windy winter in the District. Does that mean wind is on the up and it’s going to be an even windier winter next year? Nope! Capital Weather Gang published a wind guide, saying that long-term trends indicate that wind speeds have actually slightly decreased in the D.C. area since the early 1950s. Also, March is D.C.’s windiest month, so it’s only going to get better from here. And if you want to feel even better: D.C. isn’t any where close to being one of the country’s windiest cities. +3

Eye of the Tiger: This guy rented a fancy camera and took some pretty incredible pictures of the residents of the National Zoo.  +2

A List for Everything: DCist breaks down the best bra fitters in the D.C. area. A new list must be made to determine which stores sell the best bras. -1

The Need for Speed: Why should people not living in the District care about the mayoral race? Because of those pesky speed cameras that ticket vehicles when they’re speeding! -3

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