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Three American University students were arrested for assaulting a fellow student near campus earlier this month, according to arrest warrant documents from D.C. Superior Court. Milain Fayulu, Anthony Abdelnour and Miguel Lama were arrested on April 11 for assaulting AU student Alex Louden.

Two of the three arrested students, according to AU’s student newspaper the Eagle, are members of the unrecognized fraternity that came under fire earlier this week after internal emails leaked in which the fraternity brothers referred to female students as “bitches” and casually alluded to sexually assaulting women.

The Eagle spoke to Louden and had more information about the alleged assault, which occurred on New Mexico Avenue NW on April 7:

The three men allegedly attempted to run Louden over with a car as he passed the Nebraska parking lot while walking home after class. They exited the car and yelled at Louden, who said he yelled back and then left, continuing to walk down New Mexico Ave., away from campus.

The car then appeared to drive in the opposite direction, but abruptly turned to follow Louden, he said. The three assailants then exited the car and kicked him in the head 20 to 30 times, according to the incident report obtained from the Metropolitan Police Department.

“They spat in my face. They were yelling, ‘We’re gonna kill you, you [anti-gay slur]. You f***ing bitch, you’re dead…We’ll put you in the hospital. We’ll f***ing kill you.’ Just stuff like that, the whole time,” Louden said.

After giving the police a statement, Louden was taken to the trauma center at Suburban Hospital. Louden sustained multiple injuries, including a severe concussion, a spinal sprain and temporary unconsciousness during the attack, he said. He was later diagnosed at the Student Health Center with a severe closed-head injury and stress-related anxieties stemming from the attack.

Louden was able to return to class on April 17.

The three alleged assailants did not respond to the Eagle’s request for comment. City Desk wasn’t able to reach them, either.

University Vice President of Campus Life Gail Short Hanson issued another statement today regarding the emails, but made no mention of the alleged assaults:

To that end, we have several tools at our disposal. We apply our student code of conduct and local and federal laws. An intense investigation is underway and will determine instances where evidence will support adjudication on campus or in coordination with law enforcement agencies. We are determined to respect the time it takes to complete the process and avoid jeopardizing our ability to hold individuals accountable…

Reports are incorrect that the university has done nothing to curtail the activities of the group of individuals that pose as a “brotherhood” and mask themselves in the rituals and social benefits of a fraternity, but uphold none of the traditions of scholarship, leadership, and service. The university started by deploying all of the tools it has available to hold a group accountable. The details of the university’s 2001 sanctions and withdrawal of the group’s recognition are well known and outlined on our website and in mass mailings. For years, the university has warned students to avoid joining or engaging with this group and also warned parents in orientations and in writing.