The Washington Post‘s cafeteria was shut down by D.C.’s Department of Health yesterday following an inspection. Jeffrey Cox, the paper’s director of administration and operating services, alerted the staff in a company-wide email this morning, writing the “cafeteria will be temporarily closed due to deficiencies found during a routine inspection by the DC Department of Health that occurred yesterday.”

The deficiencies, according to Cox, were “centered around general cleaning and maintenance issues in the rear area of the kitchen.”

These issues included trash disposal, one inoperable sink faucet, evidence of some mice activity, and some other minor maintenance issues.  We are working with the cafeteria operator, Mr. Ali, to ensure that all noted violations are properly and completely addressed as soon as possible.  The area will be re-inspected later this week and we will provide an update as needed.

A self-serve market near the cafeteria is still open for business. A spokeswoman for the Post did not immediately return a request for comment. A Department of Health spokesperson confirmed the shutdown but did not comment further.

At this point, it’s unclear what Post staffers will eat for lunch today.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery