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The traditional names of William and Charlotte topped the list of popular baby names in D.C. in 2013, according to government data released today based on Social Security applications.

In the District, 87 babies born in 2013 were named William, and 53 babies were named Charlotte.

The other most popular male names, followed by the number of babies given that name in 2013, include Alexander (77), Henry (69), John (68), Noah (59), and Samuel (59).

The most popular female names include Sofia (48), Olivia (41), Genesis (40), and Emma (37).

Nationally, the top male baby name in 2013 was Noah, followed by Liam and Jacob. The top female name was Sophia, followed by Emma and Olivia.

Read the full list of popular baby names in D.C. here.

Photo by TheGiantVermin via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0