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Last week’s Loose Lips column pegged Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie as a formidable potential future mayoral candidate—a nod that earned several hear-hears from readers, and a few side-eyes. “I like how a whopping two years with no ethics scandals or trouble constitutes a ‘sparkling ethical record.’ Standards are just so low for councilmembers,” commented Dave, who conceded, “I don’t think McDuffie has done anything noteworthy for the ward, but I live in Ward 5 and have been pleasantly surprised with him so far. I expected a former prosecutor to be difficult to support on issues like ex-offender rights, but so far he’s taken reasonable positions on most issues.” And Too Soon? added: “McDuffie is a good guy, but I don’t believe Ward 5 has fully supported him yet. McDuffie pretty much ran against no one this past election. I would like to see how he operates when there is a worthy candidate in Ward 5. If he can pull it off when there is competition, then perhaps I might consider him a decent candidate for mayor.”

Some readers praised McDuffie as part of a new wave of ethics-focused local pols. Commenter EP Sato: “The old guard is going to hang on for life. But they’ve got a new generation of legit home-grown leadership to contend with. McDuffie and [At-Large Councilmember David] Grosso are the crest of a wave that I’d love to see overtake the Wilson Building.”

Reader tony was more cautious: “McDuffie is a black man with great potential and promise. However, I am afraid that he along with too many of our rising black leaders in this city is losing their political focus and identity. Clearly, Mr. McDuffie has gone to great lengths to align himself with the white progressive agenda in this city. And in doing so, he has and will continue to alienate his black political base, which ultimately will curtail his political rise in this city. The political life span for black progressives in this city is very short because they are forced to neglect their ‘black base’ to appease white voters who are not fundamentally loyal to black politicians.”

But what about the current mayoral contest, you say—you know, the one taking place this November? Commenter little minded hobgoblin: “The current race is so boringly nonexistent we have to talk about the future? What’s that all about?”

Trash City Rockers

A City Desk feature last week autopsied the District government’s failure to collect old trash and recycling bins after distributing new ones—a debacle partially attributable to the Department of Public Works’ miscalculation of how many residents would want to keep their old receptacles. “This makes NO sense,” commented Kes. “First, almost everywhere in the city backyard/alley space is very limited. Even had any residents wanted two sets of garbage cans, they wouldn’t have had much room for them. Second, as the article notes, the old cans were nigh-universally ruined. Rat holes, broken wheels, bent, dented, graffitied, etc. I bought a brand new can in 2011, right after they started charging for them and only three years later it is bent and dented. Why would I want to keep it? Why would anyone?”

Department of Corrections

Due to a reporting error, a City Lights pick last week gave an incorrect birth name for the experimental pop musician Panda Bear. He was born Noah Lennox.