The Apocalypse: In case you misplaced your calender, next week is the long-awaited D.C. Millennial Week. Check out the list of events here so you can plan ahead and maximize your schedule to learn all about this mysterious generation. -2

How Bazaar: A D.C. blogger traveled to Istanbul and now wants D.C. clubs to be more like those in Istanbul. This makes sense because when you purchase a table at a club in Istanbul, there are free snacks involved. Let’s do this, D.C.! +3

Nice Play: RGIII assisted a high school student as she asked a classmate with cerebral palsy to prom. The teen’s reaction to seeing his favorite football player is wonderful. +3

This Town: Four 12-year-olds who are all the offspring of top Obama aides—-including soon to be ex–Press Secretary Jay Carney—-have a D.C. boy band and, well, they’re not bad. +2

Friday’s Needle rating: 41 Today’s score: +6  Friday Bonus: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 49