Credit: Photographs by Charles Steck

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A new booze delivery service in D.C. says it will now extend its services to the entire city after it received heavy backlash for originally saying it would only selectively deliver booze to areas where the delivery drivers felt safe.

Aniket Shah, the founder of liquor deliver service Ultra, told City Desk last week that its delivery service would not extend to all of D.C. and the company would not deliver east of the river. For the most part, he said, it would be up to the discretion of the delivery people to decide where they want to deliver.

But today, Shah says Ultra has changed its policy and, effective immediately, will deliver to all of D.C.

“We launched Ultra’s alcohol delivery service in DC last week and were criticized by some users, blogs, community leaders and representatives for the DC council members for not covering all of DC areas,” Shah writes in an email to City Desk. 

Shah says the intent behind the original policy was to ensure they were only serving customers in areas where their partner stores, which are responsible for delivery, could promise service within an hour. Ultra was planning on gauging customer interest before it expanded to more areas. Now you can use it from anywhere in D.C. (Or, of course, you can order your liquor from the stores in D.C. that already offer delivery, without going through Ultra.)

Photo by Charles Sac