Scavenger Hunt: The snowy owl may have been a temporarily cute addition to the downtown landscape, but vultures? Not so much. Two vultures are apparently calling the intersection of K and 11th streets NW their home. Advice to the vultures: Watch out for buses on the streets. In the meantime, let the scummy Congress and D.C. politicians jokes begin. -2

SuitsHouse of Cards is casting extras with a “D.C. political look.” Anyone in D.C. naturally fit this? Anyone? Eh, maybe a few. -2

Thank God It’s Coming: TGI Friday’s touring food truck will be stopping in D.C. from June 17 to 22 so customers can try the restaurant’s “handcrafted menu.” +1

Democracy Rules: The D.C. Appeals Court ruled today that the District must hold an election for attorney general in 2014 or, if that’s not possible, in 2015. D.C. voters decisively voted in 2010 for a charter amendment that would allow them to elect the city’s attorney general “after January 1, 2014.”  The D.C. Council decided to move the first attorney general election to 2018, which the court today ruled was illegal. +3

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