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What you said about what we said last week

The D.C. Council wants to reduce funding for D.C.’s planned streetcar network, pitting some councilmembers against Mayor Vince Gray. Responding to last week’s Housing Complex column, commenter E. Masquinongy blamed the delayed opening of the streetcar’s first line on the D.C. government: “I think that the H Street line has fallen behind due to bureaucratic rigidity….A more nimble construction strategy would change its plans when such snags became evident…Perhaps turning the whole game over to private enterprise the best way to go.”

Bagel Exercises

Can Bullfrog, an already insanely popular pop-up, help D.C. get over its bagel angst? Perhaps, but readers of Jessica Sidman’s Young & Hungry column last week defended the area’s existing bagel spots. “I placed a preorder for bullfrog this weekend, I’m excited to try them, given all the hype,” wrote sarah. “I grew up eating bagels from Georgetown Bagelry and I still have a soft spot for them, but I think Goldberg’s Bagels in Silver Spring are far superior. I also agree that New York bagels are overrated these days but Ess-a-Bagel on 1st Avenue remains a thing of perfection.”

And saladman8283: “Bethesda Bagels are the real deal and have been for many many years.”

Pride and Seek

Readers seemed to be pretty chipper about last week’s annual Gay Issue, featuring our “Encyclopedia of Gay D.C. (Abridged).” On Twitter, though, reader Andy Bowen posed some important questions in the direction of, um, me. “I would love to hear your thoughts on the critique that WCP should cover LGBT issues more consistently,” she wrote. “I’m not the only person I’ve spoken to who’s a little like ‘really? Gay Issue? Marginalized much?’…I know you’re not the Blade or Metro Weekly, but a little more coverage through the year would be super.” To which I responded, ”I feel that critique is correct. We should cover LGBT issues more consistently and I plan for us to. When I came up with the Gay Issue in 2013, I was anxious about us ghettoizing LGBT issues. (Though we’d just done the Bears cover story.) But I think it’s a valuable issue, especially since it gets our staff writers working on LGBT topics and hopefully continuing to do so. And! This year’s issue especially included *a lot* of new contributors, who I hope will keep writing for us.”

One item in the issue concerned a damning Anti-Defamation League study of the Metropolitan Police Department’s interactions with transgender people. MPD spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump left a comment: “Chief [Cathy] Lanier has stated that she strongly supports the recommendations of the Task Force and that MPD will be working to implement them. That is a far cry from the article’s assertion that MPD would merely take the Task Force’s recommendations ‘under advisement.’”

Department of Corrections

“The Gay Issue” contained two reporting errors. One entry identified the wrong person as the founder of the DC Gurly Show, which was started by Kitty Victorian. Another entry gave an incorrect date for KhushDC’s annual gala; it takes place July 12. Also, an entry on gay media by Christina Cauterucci should have noted that Cauterucci once met with the Blade about writing for them.