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Here We Go Again: Vice had an article this week declaring all the reasons why “D.C. Is the Worst Place Ever”—-which was useful only in that it collected every tired and hackneyed gripe about D.C. in one place. (D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people? Thanks, hadn’t heard that one before!.) Brightest Young Things struck back today with a strong defense of the city, including praise for go-go music and an anecdote involving Harry Thomas Jr. using a urinal. +5

Small Package: FedEx, the namesake sponsor of the Washington football team’s stadium, won’t take a stand on the team’s name. -6

Dream City: Does a $900-per-month studio still exist in the downtown area with off-street parking? Nope. -3

Trouble Ahead: The establishment that will replace Pharmacy Bar in Adams Morgan is tentatively named Troublemaker Coffee Bar & Public House, which was partially inspired by the neighborhood’s reputation for debauchery. (It’s also an ode to historical leaders being perceived as “troublemakers” by their enemies. Whatever.)  -1

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