Yoga, Yogurt, Same Difference: Marion Barry really knows how to make headlines. When Barry was asked by a reporter Friday about the “yoga tax,” he came out strongly and decisively against the “yogurt tax,” a nonexistent measure that would apparently tax yogurt. The mayor-for-life said the tax is “crazy” because yogurt, like cottage cheese, is healthy. A spokeswoman for Barry later confirmed that the yogurt tax does not exist and reporters must have misheard him, because Barry would not be talking about a nonexistent tax.  +2

Obama Eats: In today’s report on the president eating lunch: Obama dined at a Chipotle and, yes, paid extra for some guacamole. The only thing going for this lunch snoozer is that Obama picked the Woodley Park location, which City Paper scientifically named in 2013 as the city’s best Chipotle. +/-0

Bear Scare: Montgomery County officials are on the lookout for another bear in Rockville after someone reported a sighting at Montgomery College’s Rockville campus. Last week a bear was captured on the National Institutes of Health campus. -1

Perspective: A 532-square-foot studio in Manhattan’s Upper West Side is selling for more than $1 million, plus $645 monthly building fees. +2

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