The Plastics: D.C. is apparently all about plastic surgery, according to the Washington Post. An article today highlights a new ridiculously high-end, one-stop shop in downtown D.C. that offers clients luxury creams, plastic surgery, and a secret entrance for patients who “require absolute privacy.” -3

Consolation Prize: The United States may have lost the World Cup, but we did at least win the Post‘s World Cup of Sandwiches, with Capriotti’s the “Bobbi” taking home the top prize. For what it’s worth, Washington City Paper‘s sandwich critic says this very sandwich suffered from excessive mayonnaise and general blandness. -1

Rain, Rain, Not Going Away: The D.C. area is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 8 p.m. Tomorrow is also looking pretty bleak, with widespread storms expected. -2

Drunken State: A D.C. resident’s city-issued ID was rejected when he tried to buy booze from a New Hampshire store because it wasn’t issued by a state, as is required by New Hampshire law. -4

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