Failed Delivery: The Washington area currently ranks as the worst region in the nation for late mail service, according to a report from the U.S. Postal Service Inspector General. -3

Paved Paradise: Twin Oaks Community Garden in Petworth could be paved over and replaced by a 44-spot parking lot for Powell Elementary School. -4

Road Rage: D.C.’s Department of Transportation is defending itself against the White House, saying D.C. roads aren’t actually all that bad. President Barack Obama cited statistics in his Rebuild America plan saying that of D.C.’s 1,501 miles of public roads, 95 percent are in poor condition. -4

Attendance Problems: A local ANC missed an opportunity to protest the renewal of a liquor license of a a much-complained about neighborhood bar because it did not have enough of its members show up to its monthly meeting to meet quorum—-two times in a row. -3

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