Fantastic Friday: Beer gardens will be packed tonight. Capital Weather Gang says we can expect a truly “truly gorgeous” evening tonight in the District. But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Heat and humidity will be on the rise tomorrow, with some storm potential starting Saturday evening. On Sunday, there will be a 60 percent chance of storms. +/-0

Hero’s Welcome: The nation’s oldest World War II veteran, Lucy Coffey, arrived in D.C. today as part of an honor flight, which will include a tour of the White House. She’s 108 years old. +5

Blinded Fans: Sixty-five percent of self-declared NFL fans in the D.C. area do not think the name of the Washington football team should be changed, according to a new poll from Vox Populi. -4

Zoning Czars: The Office of Planning made a recommendation to its zoning rewrite that could mean the end for permanent tiny house developments on alley lots. This is particularly relevant to people who own the tiny houses built on trailers in an alley in Stronghold. -3

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 45 Friday Bonus: +2 Today’s score: -2  Today’s Needle rating: 45