Boot and Rally: There are so many people stealing Dacha beer garden’s beer boots that nearby Ivy & Coney is recovering the large beer boot-shaped glasses at its own bar on a weekly basis. This is why we can’t have nice things! -3

Guns Down: A federal judge issued D.C. a 90-stay before a ruling overturning the city’s ban on handguns in public spaces goes into effect. Police Chief Cathy Lanier subsequently posted on the MPD listserv that D.C. cops would once again be enforcing the city’s ban on carrying handguns in public spaces. Everyone can now breathe a 90-day sigh of relief. +5

Nothing Is Free: Virgin Mobile FreeFest is canceled this year because “the pieces are not all there right now with Virgin.” It is unclear if the pieces will come together in future years. -2

Color Me Impressed: Following the colorful trial of ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife this week? Then check out Richmond’s Style Weekly’s McDonnell-themed coloring and activity book to help you through the trial. +5

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