Keep On Pushing: A new app called Push for Pizza launched recently, possibly as part of a test of just how easily people’s dopey ideas can get other people to give them money if they involve smartphones (the answer: very, very easily). Using the app here in the District requires just one extra step that isn’t needed in the 50 states: pretending that you live in Maryland or Virginia. -3

Small Man, Big Mouth“: The cover of the forthcoming New York Times Magazine goes all D.C. hardcore to illustrate a profile of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and his merry band of libertarians. (Unfortunately for the TimesNike used the same “Major Threat” pun in an unauthorized ad campaign a few years ago.) -1

Breaking News from Slugline: House of Cards will be filming motorcade scenes and B-roll around the District on Saturday. Then it’s back to Baltimore. -1

Fight for Old D.C.: The local NFL franchise takes on the New England Patriots tonight at FedEx Field in its first preseason game of the year, which means team owner Dan Snyder can stop talking and let new coach Jay Gruden start doing it instead. The best part: No need to discard those dreams of Super Bowl glory tonight, no matter what happens; the regular season is still weeks away. +1

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