Since June 14, about 2,000 people have tried to become Capital Bikeshare members. Unfortunately, the program’s supplier has been out of membership keys since then, which meant newly signed-up members couldn’t actually use Bikeshare, unless they were willing to pay the nonmember rate for a ride.

Capital Bikeshare had originally told customers they should receive the keys by July 7, but, according to its general manager, Eric Gilliland, the order was taking longer than expected. So Bikeshare switched suppliers.

Gilliland tells City Desk that Capital Bikeshare mailed out its first batch of new member keys to 300 people yesterday. It received an initial shipment of 500 last week, and an additional 2,700 keys yesterday. It has 4,000 more on order, according to Gilliland, which will hopefully last for the next couple of months. (New memberships aren’t activated until people received their keys.)

Capital Bikeshare is working to mail out as many keys as possible to new members today.

“It’s all hands on deck right now trying to get the keys out to the people who ordered them,” Gilliland says. “We apologize for the delay.”

Photo Courtesy of goDCgo