Man of the People: Dan Snyder does not have email. Seriously, Dan Snyder does not have email. This could explain, well, a whole lot. -5

The Little Bookstore That Could: Politics & Prose will be the official bookseller at the National Book Festival—-the first time in the festival’s 14-year history that an independent bookstore has won the contract. Barnes & Noble had the role for the last 13 years. +3

One of the Last Goodbyes: The Corcoran Gallery officially closes in October for extensive renovations. But before it does, some locals are hosting a “Farewell Hug” for the museum this Saturday at which attendees can “gather together to form one connection by holding hands and having a moment of silence.” Anything to honor the Corcoran, we guess.+1

Swagger Jacking: As WCP‘s story on D.C. dive bars reminds us: “I still can’t believe they opened a bar in Marvin Gaye’s hometown where he lived his entire life, he’s a hero here, and they open a restaurant and dedicate it to the year he lived in Belgium. So they could sell $9 Belgian beer, and, like, steak frites,” he says. “That’s insulting to everyone. They keep having to explain it. ‘Oh, did you know he lived in Belgium for a year? That’s why we’re selling Duvel for $12.’” -6

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