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And they say D.C. is a boring town. Washingtonians like herbs, salmon, and vinaigrette more than most people in this country do.

Co.Design—-a part of Fast Company—- partnered with food analytics firm Food Genius to cull through 88,000 menus nationwide to determine the unique food patterns in each state. This data isn’t about which food items are most popular in each place, but rather which food items appear more often on menus when compared to other places.

In D.C., for instance, “herb” appears on 82 percent of menus, compared to the 64 percent of menus it appears on nationally. Salmon is on 56 percent of menus, compared to 38 percent nationally, and vinaigrette is on 47 percent, compared to 30 percent nationally. Rounding out the top five food items in D.C.: lamb and cake, which appear on 35 and 55 percent of menus, respectively.

If that sounds a bit decadent and boring, that’s because it is. Philadelphia claims hoagies as its top item, Montana has grits, New York has eggplants, and Minnesota has Walleyes. Even Wyoming has a specific spice: Cinnamon.

And D.C., well, D.C. has herbs—-and not the fun kind. Yet.

See the article and interactive map, which also shows regional food trends, here.

Photo by Living in Montana via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0