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Master of EthicsDan Snyder sent Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe $500 of customized Pigskins gear. But McAuliffe had issued an executive order barring gifts of more than $100 to executive branch employees and wrote to Snyder that he reimbursed the team about $409. McAuliffe also told Snyder that he would wear the team gear with “honor and pride,” which is a phrase taken from Snyder’s campaign in defense of the team name.  -6

Summer Breeze? With the exception of the beginning of September, the temperatures this summer have felt exceptionally mild. But have they actually been? In June, temperatures were actually two degrees above average. In July it was .4 degrees below normal and in August it was just .2 below normal. But whatever, it sure felt nicer than most summers. +/- 0.

Dream Big: A Senate committee will hold a hearing on the possible implications of D.C. statehood. That’s a big win for statehood proponents, though it’s highly unlikely that D.C. will get statehood anytime soon. +5

Runway City: Rent the Runway, a company that rents out designer gowns and accessories, is planning to open a Georgetown location in November. +2

Friday’s Needle rating: 15 Today’s score: +1 Weekend Bonus: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 16